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Considering I’m rocking rocking Mio as my profile pic, I figured what better way to start than with my all time favorite anime: Nichijou.


Yuuko: a non-intellectual                            Nano: a shy robot (with a key in her back)

Image result for nichijou yuuko                                  Image result for nichijou nano

Mio: a realist                                                  Hakase: a child professor

Image result for nichijou mio                                          Image result for nichijou hakase gif

Mai: a real life troll                                      Sakamoto: a normal cat given the ability to speak

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The review:

I fucking love this show. It is hilarious, pointless, random, and heartwarming. Granted it is a comedy, so if it doesn’t click with your sense of humor then of course you won’t like it. It definitely clicked with me. The way the show is told is similar to comics in a newspaper. You get different bits that are segmented, going within their own chronology. You have the main story which follows the main characters Yuuko, Mio, and Mai. Then you have the segments with the other main characters Nano, Hakase, and Sakamoto. Halfway through the show these characters start to meet and their stories mix together. And then you have all the other random segments sewn within that spread these apart. Some stand alone and others continue to come back. Even though there are  clear main characters, the side characters are very prominent. They often poke fun at common anime tropes. Like the “it’s not like I like you” girl, who pulls out bigger and bigger weapons that she shoots at her crush.

Image result for nichijou gun girl

The side segments sometimes relate to the main story, but don’t most of the time. I use the term “main story” loosely, since there isn’t much of one. Things do happen in an order, but it doesn’t matter for at least half of the show, and then at the end when they wrap up some of the themes (quite nicely I will add). As far as themes go, you get a feel good ending about being yourself. This is portrayed by the over arching story of Nano wanting her key removed in order to be more like a human. At the end she realizes she’s fine with having it and accepts being herself. It’s told in a much cuter way, take my word for it. Or just look at it.

happy nano.PNG

Enough premise! Here’s why this show is the best show to show!

The animation. It is top notch, incredible. Since the anime covers mundane life things, it’s very important that they got this right. And they did get it right. Oh so right. It’s some of the most fluid shit you’ll see in an anime. It’s over the top craziness that bends the laws of reality and it’s so damn funny. You never know what they’re going to do in the next segment. Even when you do, it’s hilarious. The animation is half of the reason why. Take this clip for example. The setup to punch line ratio is incredible, and the dedication to this one joke is astounding: The only time I think they ever use 3D CG.

The other half is the writing. The jokes that are made are so out there sometimes I can’t keep it to myself. It’s so weird and I love it for that. Plus, not everything is over the top. Unlike I’m sure I made it sound earlier. There are more subtle parts that are just as funny as the crazy shit. A lot of it is also extremely pointless. One of my favorite jokes is one of these pointless, waste of time, nonsensical bites of heaven. This one.

The last half is the execution. I don’t speak Japanese, so everything seems better than it probably is. That said I do believe the actors absolutely nailed their parts here. Just as over the top as the animation, they are the last big factors that drive these jokes home.

If you want an example of all of these great things in one clip, here’s the best clip to introduce someone to this anime: link. This is what introduced me to the show. Afterwards I had to see more.

It being a comedy, the translation is also important. Some jokes don’t land because of different translations. The business card clip is ruined on the blu-ray translation. I don’t have much of a point here, it just bothered me.

Final remarks:

If I haven’t gushed enough during this review, I’m sorry. I could go on. Probably. This was my first ever review so I hope it was coherent enough. I’m aware that I ramble. I find myself better at being critical, so reviewing a show I love so much was more of a hassle than I expected. Not complaining, I chose to do this. I do hope you watch the anime if you haven’t. It’s a great time. I’m certain I missed key points so just go watch it.

This anime wins the ChallengerUPC’s all time favorite anime award. I bet it feels special.

Last thought:
I don’t care that she’s a kid, or that she’s cute. Hakase is still a brat.
Image result for nichijou hakase gif
(Her being a brat is not necessarily represented by this gif)

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